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help with facebook, lost music

help with facebook, lost music

please help... i hid or removed my spotify activity from facebook and i think that i may have accidentaly disconnected my account somehow. when i logged back into spotify after doing that, all of my music was gone. how can i get it back? my username is <<SNIP>>. you can email me there. thank you. 


[Edit: Snip-Email(Privacy)-Peter]

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actually i think my username is duttonelaine.... either that or <<SNIP>>


[Edit: Snip-Email(Privacy)-Peter]

Please disregard. I created new playlists and updated to premium. I don't need help any longer. Thank you. 

Just hidden your email address from your posts, just to stop you from getting any spam. 

Glad to hear you got it sorted - I don't remember seeing this topic so I guess it slipped through the net! If you need anything else just post back 🙂 



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