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how do you switch subscription from Premium to Free

how do you switch subscription from Premium to Free

I am disappointed Spotify does not offer a higher, lossless sound quality (like Tidal, its competitor).

Therefore, I am thinking of canceling my Premium subscription.

If I cancel the Premium subscription, will I still have access to Spotify via a Free Account? If so, will I retain my Playlists?

Why is there no LIVE CHAT or even an email address to contact Spotify with?

Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

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Hi there and welcome to the community,


To cancel your subscription, follow the steps mentioned at the Help section.!/article/How-to-cancel-your-subscription


When you downgrade to a free subscription, you won't lose any playlists or access to your account.


If you ever need to contact Spotify, use this link. You can also find this link at the about page (see footer).



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