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how to change country setting

how to change country setting

I am a free user, and recently I moved form one country to another. I try to change my conunty setting, but it is hard.

is any one can help me?

thanks a lot.


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Hi there @youngersu,

if you want to change your country settings, your IP adress should correlate with the one of the country you are moved to. You can check out this Link where you also find the Link to change the country.


Ask me if you have further issues!



Thanks your reply, but still could not be changed.

no selection in country table, except my original conntry




Hi again @youngersu,

from this point now I suggest you to try the contact form. Send them a Email and when they come back with a no-reply Email just reply to get to them directly!

It could also be caused from any credit you've selected. Do you?

Keep me up to date on that.


Have a good one!


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