i cant use spotify on my ps4

i cant use spotify on my ps4


So here is what happened. 
I used to have a ps4 account connected to my spotify, facebook, etc.

I still use this account on all my devices.

I recently got a new ps4 acc and i want to link my spotify account to my new ps4 account.

The problem now is, when i try to link the 2 up. it says my spotify account is allready linked with my previous ps4 account. If i want to use it, I should unlink it from my first ps4 account.
The thing is, I used to have playstation Plus on that account and payed for it with paypal. now i stopped playing on the account and apparently my account got suspended becus i did not continue paying for the playstation plus. 
So i can not log in the my first playstation account to unlink my spotify and can not link my new acc to it 😞
anyone who can help me out with this?

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Hey @jishie


The best course of action when something like that happens is to create a new account with a different email address from the one you're using (Tip: don't use the one you use for Facebook). That will give you a different Spotify username of your choice.


Once you have this new account, fill out this contact form, and someone from Spotify will be happy to help you migrate your Premium privileges, library, playlists, friends, etc. to this new account.


Connected devices (including the PlayStation) stay with the old account, so you'll have a fresh start without them. Sorry about that.

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