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i have spotify premium but it wont work on my phone

i have spotify premium but it wont work on my phone

My phone doesn't register that I have premium. On Spotify on my laptop it says that I have premium, but my phone doesn't get it .. 


I've tried to log on and off several times in different ways (switched between email and username).


What should I do?


Username: lenahoyberg

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It looks like you should be logging in with that username and password. Can you just confirm what it says under "Subscription Status" on this page? If it shows an active premium subscription, try reinstalling spotify.

When I check that link it says that I'm using Spotify Free. But when I use the same username (lenahoyberg) and password on my laptop it says that I have Spotify Premium. What the .. Starting to annoy me. 


I also had to put in a new username to answer you on this page. That's why it says lenaahoyberg now. 

It appears you've created a second account through Facebook. Please ensure that you are logging in to Spotify with your username and password (and not your email address) and that should do the trick.


For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

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Been paying spotify premium for a couple of months now. Got a new phone. And it won't work.. ??

Hey @blundo95 it sounds like you might have two accounts with us. 


Could you answer the questions on this page to sort out which steps to take? Please let us know if this helps solve your problem. Thanks!

It says I have premium on both my computer and my phone but it won't let me play music offline on my phone. Do I have to download the playlist first to be able to listen to it?

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