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iDEAL payment option in the Netherlands

iDEAL payment option in the Netherlands



I would love to buy a subscription to Spotify because your service is great.


However, like the majority of dutch people I do not own a credit card, nor do I have PayPal (terrible service with fraud cases).


The main online payment method (also used by Steam/Valve, Blizzard, etc.) in the Netherlands is 'iDEAL'.


Is there any chance of me being able to purchase a subscription using iDEAL in the future?


Kind regards,


(PS: Yes I know the AH supposedly has gift cards, but I've been to 2 in my area who know nothing about this..)

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Welcome to the community 🙂


This has been suggested over on the Ideas Exchange here so I would suggest you give it some kudos and a quick message if you would like to see this implemented 🙂



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Hey, thanks for your reply. I did what you said and posted my message over there.


However, I would just like to know if they are looking into this (and can perhaps say in 6 months there will be iDEAL), or can already say this will never happen (maybe too expensive to implement, dunno), you know?


Because I'm now at the limit of my free half year and I can say that probably the only way I will ever buy online is using iDEAL. Spotify is great but the 10hr limit is just killing. It sucks having to switch between different music services (Spotify, Grooveshark, YouTube playlists, online radio, etc.) because of this.


I want to be able to pay for Spotify!

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