iOS Battery dies - Logged out & all music deleted


iOS Battery dies - Logged out & all music deleted


I have a fully updated iPhone 6s, and have tried un/re-installing the app, and resetting the other Spotify device authentication thing they recommended. But still, when my battery dies, I am logged out of the app and I lose about 4000 songs. 


I have cancelled Premium and am imminently going to start using Apple Music, because Spotify just does not work. I realllllllllly do not want to give Apple any more money and Spotify was perfect before this. 


I'm sure I am not the only customer to use Spotify 85% offline and 15% online, so offline playlists are essential. 


Has anyone else experienced this bug? It is a make or break issue for me. Please don't make me turn to the dark side. 

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Re: iOS Battery dies - Logged out & all music deleted


Happened to me on my old Android too, mostly once or twice per month. It seemed to me that the Spotify app wasn't able to locate my external SD card back then, because it always had reset itself to internal storage.


But as iPhones don't have the option to insert SD cards, that might be a different bug here.


With my new Android phone this happened only once in 3 months of use now, but under the same scenario: My battery died and all my music was lost. At least Spotify couldn't find it anymore but the space on my SD card was still used. Idk much about the internal Spotify configuration but maybe this happens when a config file gets written during the shutdown and so gets corrupted?