iTunes payment still charges me?


iTunes payment still charges me?

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In January 2017, I had my Spotify account linked through iTunes and paid through it. That link stopped working for Spotify as it is no longer supported, now you have to pay directly to Spotify.
So in February 2017 I started paying 99kr / month for my Spotify directly to Spotify.

Since February 2017, SEK 129 / month has been deducted from my card for a Spotify link that is not active, no money has moved on to spotify but they are stuck with Apple.

According to Apple, they can only pay back for 2 months "because their system doesn't allow more" which in my ears sounds totally insane.

They have thus taken money for a Spotify account, not sent the money to Spotify and now refuse to pay back for a product I have not received (not even had the opportunity to use).


What should i do? Feel a abit lost and angry


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Re: iTunes payment still charges me?

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Hi Markus,


That seems like an awkward situation alright. Since Apple have already explained their side of the matter, there may not be much you can do in that regard. Have you contacted Spotify directly about this matter?


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Re: iTunes payment still charges me?

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yes, i did talk with Spotify as soon as i discoverd it. According to Spotify they have not recived any payments since Feb -17.