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is there a way of finding my deleted songs.

is there a way of finding my deleted songs.


 is there a way of finding my delete songs,i accidently deleted some songs.


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Hey @user-removed,


How are you doing? Glad to have you here.


Good question! If you're talking about playlists, you can read more on recovering them here.


If it's songs from Library you're talking about, you unfortunately can't restore them. You can check your listening history though. On the left side panel, click "Play Queue" then click on "History" and you will be able to find the song if you listened to it recently.


Let us know how it goes. 


Take care!

it doesnt show the entire history,

Hey @user-removed,


I understand. In that case I'd recommend reaching out to the support folks. You can do that through this link. Backstage they'll be able to fix this 🙂 


Have a great day!

If you would like a full listening history you can use Spotify has integrated support for does more than just keep track of your listening history. It also gives recommendations etc. The listening history on is very good, you have all kinds of sorting options. 




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