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link facebook to another account and detach the old one

link facebook to another account and detach the old one

Hi, I'm using spotify for about a year and I want to join my friends but my facebook profile is linked with an old account of mine.

I'm wondering how can I deactivate my old account so I can link my facebook profile to the new one?


thanks for your help

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Hey there @user-removed, welcome to the community!


This is totally possible, but first you need access to your old account. If you don't remember the password, you can reset it here. One you have access to that account, login using the deskop (Windows or Mac) client and next to your username in the top-righthand corner hit the down arrow and select 'Settings', then scroll down until you see the 'Disconnect From Facebook' button and click that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.16.02 AM.png


Once you have disconnected your Facebook, with your new account, go to your account overview and click "Connect to Facebook", which will connect your Facebook.



Also, if you contact the accounts team through the online contact form they can transfer all your music for you and delete your old account, if you wish. If you receive an automated reply directing you back to the community, just reply to it and you should hear back from a representative within 24 - 48 hours. 

If your case is resolved, please click the 'Accept as Solution' button and add your kudos!

thanks dude, it seems helpful, but I can't access and login my account due to country issues through desktop.

p.s. I can access my account through website, but there is no such an option in the website account setting section.

Hey @user-removed!


If you're unable to access your old account, I'd recommend reaching out using this contact form.


If you receive an automatic reply, please reply to that email and the right team will help you out.


Thanks 🙂

This is not working for me. I have no Settings option in the drop down by my name. HELP PLEASE!

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