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i have a premium account which never works. the albums ive downloaded never stay downloaded and when i want to listen to them, i cant. I just tried to uninstall the app, thinking maybe that would help... and now its not letting me sign in. Ive tried signing in via facebook and email cuz i couldnt remember which one i used... i reset my password thru email and its still saying its not working.. and it says i never used facebook...


getting annoyed at it never works 


UPDATE:** i was just able to sign in... but now all my hundreds of songs are gone... just awesome (thumbs down)

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Make sure you are on the same account. That is unusual! I am sorry this is happening

Please try a soft reset and clean reinstall for me if you don't mind. Then if it happens again please tell me your device model, OS version, and Spotify verison!



Also can you make sure that this isn't a duplicate account, does it have premium?

ive got an LG G3

i have reinstalled it, all of my songs r gone. Visa tells me im paying for it monthly, yet in my new install, its asking me to "go premium" 

its the same email im getting account info on

Alright @mmcfee06,


I am sorry you are still experiencing issues, It seems you have a second account. If you still have issues with your premium account go ahead and contact Spotify, as they can have a look backstage and help more than I can. Here are the links:



Twitter: (DM)


There's also Spotify live chat here:


I am sorry you don't have access to your music and I hope it gets solved 🙂




Hey! So just this morning I tried one last time.. and it worked! All my
songs r back and r still there tonight.. I even downloaded some more which
stayed 🙂
Thankx for helping! Sorry I was so annoyed lol

It’s okay! Glad it was fixed! Hope you have a great day and if you don’t mind clicking ‘ACCEPT AS SOLOUTION’ on my soultion, that’d be great! Have a great day!

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