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login with facebook

hello everybody... since a few days I've got the problem that I'm not able to log in to my spotify account. I created it maybe three years ago with facebook and I hadn't got any problems before. But since I was logged out by my boyfriend and wanted to get in again it doesn't works anymore. I'm 99,999% sure that the email and the password are correct but everytime it says that something is wrong and the login with facebook button don't works. The second problem is that my email adress of facebook is an old one which don't exist anymore so I also can't order a new password. So I wanted to change the old email adress on facebook into my new one but there went something wrong. Can anybody please help me? i really don't know what I should do!!! (on my smartphone I'm still in the account- but I'm afraid that I wont come in into my premium account without any real reason 😞   )

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Hello @sarahpanda and welcome!


the accounts team can give you a reset to a different address though after verifying some security details:


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