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my premium doesent work

my premium doesent work


I pay for my spotify the 13 every month and when i logged in today all of my lists were gone and it said that i had a free trial for two days! where have my ordinary profile went and how do i get it back? i mean i dont wane pay for something and then i dont have it. it have been working for 5 months before. last time it worked and i had all my lists were 10 hours ago.


hopefully thanks for the help Micke

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Hey Micke, welcome to the Community.

It looks like you have a duplicate account created via Facebook. Usually I'd direct you to some instructions to help get this sorted out, but since you've been paying on the duplicate we'd need to take some actions on our end.

Please send in a message through our contact form - just go via About Us > Contact Form at the top of this page. We should be able to get it sorted asap.
Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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