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oh my goodness, help!

oh my goodness, help!


 So this is going to be mildly confusing. I have 2, possibly 3 spotify accounts. Two of which I can access no problem. I recently just subscribed to a premium trial and want to cancel it before I get charged. When I go to the account section inside the app it tells me the subscription I have and then the username is just a ton of random letters and numbers. Not the email linked to this account. I can't remember which email I used and have no way of cancelling! 

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Hi there!

If you’re unsure which email you used, I’d recommend having a quick scan of the email accounts you own for emails from ‘’. That way you can determine which one you used to sign up for Spotify with.

If you want to change the email address linked to your Spotify account, I’d recommend reading this article.

Let me know how it goes!

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