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I'm have a problem with my password. My account is the same as my facebook but now i'm hacked on spotify beacause there is a new list and somebody putt random songs om my own list and changed the the titel to "suuuuperlolman"


now I want to set an password on my premium spotify account. because it's premium i can't just make an other account.


when i want to set an password i need to set my email on facebook so i did  and then i loged out on my spotify account and loged back in but i doesn't change anyting at all.


I don't know of this is possible and of anybody had the same problem but pleas let me know what i need to do.


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Hey @heloisevandeker, help's here.


It looks like someone has gained access to your account. We suggest that you go through the steps provided here. Make sure to go through all of it, there's important information there. 


Hope that helps!

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