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playlists not showing on my tv

playlists not showing on my tv

hi there...i recently purchased premium spotify with my new roko tv...i created an account online added a bunch of playlists, listened and enjoyed for a month and one day i turn my tv on and they're all gone! they're all still on my playlists on my computer but they disapeared on my tv...i checked my connection on both tv and computer, its fine i logged in and logged out on my computer and tv...still nothing...what's wrong? my spotify payments are up to date too and i'm logged in the right account...

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Exactly the same, worked fine for years but now I can't seem them as of yesterday.

I haven't searched the boards much but does anyone actually from spotify reply to these with solutions?

There doesn't appear to be a solution as of yet. They "hope to have an update soon."  I cancelled my premium subscription and don't plan on signing up again until it's fixed. The only reason I pay for the premium is for the ability to stream my playlists on my Roku tv. I hope they fix soon. 

Same here...  It's super annoying.  I have tons of play lists that's ive created for different moods, times of day, etc. and now they are gone.  I primarily use Spotify at home on my stereo, so until this is fixed i guess I'm SOL.  If the fix takes too long I guess I'll have to cancel.  In the meantime:  Hello Pandora!

They're still all saved in my spotify account so hopefully when the problem is resolved they'll all just be restored and not lost because ya I too have different playlists for different times that took me awhile to create...I think it's annoying spotify doesn't have phone support...guess they're poor

I definitely hope so too!  I assume they will be, but right now it seems there won't be a fix any time soon.

Here's another thread with the same issue. This is so frustrating and ridiculous.

Just noticed my playlists have disappeared off my Roky as well. SORT THIS OUT SPOTIFY!!

Hey @katiusciad @SeanHamilton @alyse627 @jcasanave1 @Natoc89 


if you have not seen it yert, an update from Spotify has been posted here:


"Due to various technical challenges, the Playlists feature has been removed from the Roku Spotify app.


We do understand your concerns and are working with Roku on how best to move forward with this app. In the meantime, you can search for and play artists, songs and albums, and your playlists are always available on your other devices with our desktop and mobile apps.

There are other ways to listen to Spotify on your TV too. Check out our guide at"

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