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please help :S

please help :S


I have spotify premium from 2 days ago, and I normally use it in my phone, but now I go to mi PC and when I want to download an album, I have to pay, but in my phone I don´t have to pay. why is it?

sorry if something it´s wrong write, but I´m spanish :S



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Hi aalb3rtos - Welcome to the Community. 


The downloads service and the Unlimited/ Premium subscriptions are completely separate. I've made a post with more information right here:


Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with 🙂

I read it, but I have to pay all the music to hear offline? so, I mean, if I want to hear a song without internet, I have to pay this song?

Hey aalb3rtos - All you need to do is sync those tracks in an offline playlist. You can then listen without an internet connection. 


We've got step-by-step instructions right here on our FAQ:

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