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ok, i tried to cancel my spotify premium, it was just going a temporary cancelation.  It gave me the incorrect password message, this is a facebook account message, but i'm pretty sure i figured it out, and went ahead with the cancellation.  Then, on the day that it was originally supposed to renew, my account was charged the monthly 9.99 charge, and my spotify account page says that i still have premium.  I would have chalked it all up to me making a mistake on the cancel subscription page, but my mobile device will not go online.  its like i'm paying for the premium, but don't get any of the benefits.  Is this only a temporary thing?  i did notice the the monthly charge is still in pending, so it hasn't cleared yet, but my spotify account says it is premium.  PLEASE HELP! i love this service, and have every intention to re subscribe, just money is a little tight this month.  any help would be appreciated.

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When trying to cancel, try the following -

* Ensuring that you are logged out of Facebook in your browser, then trying the process again.

* Failing that, try using a different browser - Google Chrome, etc.
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