podcast language problem


podcast language problem

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i live in spain and i have a spanish premium account.

as i am german the language of the spotify app is german on my ipad and my imac.

but the podcast section only shows spanish podcasts instead of german podcasts.

how can i change that or is it a bug ?

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Re: podcast language problem

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Hey, @spamstuff 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Your Spotify app is in German on your iPad and iMac because probably your both devices are running in German too, so the app follows the main language of the OS. About the podcasts, you're seeing Spanish podcasts on the sections, because, as you live in Spain, your account country is set as Spain, so you'll receive suggestions based on your musical taste and your "place" as well. More information about country settings here:

Ultimately, I recommend that you save your favorite podcasts and songs/playlists/albums/artists and Spotify will understand it and hopefully, recommend content based on it. But have in mind that the country you live in will continue interfering with the suggestions you receive. 


If you have any other further questions or need more help, let me know! I'd love to help!

Best Regards,

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