premium account for family

I have three other people in my appartement who wants to use my premium account. In the past they were cancelled because I couldnt change my address and my name so the system couldnt find out if we live in the adress.

I dont know what to do. Now I cancelled my premium account and think about what to do next - could anybody help me???

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Hey there, @berlinmirja! I'd love to help you here! 


If Spotify wasn't able to confirm that you're living at the same adress, I'm afraid they'll have to purchase a standalone Spotify Premium subscription! Find out more at > 'Why was I removed from the Premium for Family plan?' 🙂 


Let me know how it goes!



thank you!

Yes I read it in the past. Do you mean it is not possible that my family couldnt use my premium account again? Perhaps I didnt understand in the correct way. Now I need a description for a way that we all can use my account again...

It would be great if you or somebody else could help me...


To my understanding, you'll need to wait 12-months before you can join or start any Spotify Premium for Family plans.

I'd suggest that all the other people in your apartment create their own Spotify accounts - they'll be able to have their own playlists, songs and more without having to worry about only being able to play at once ☺️

Let me know if you need help with anything else - I'm here for you!


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