premium not working after payment updated


premium not working after payment updated


I uodated my payment mehtod as a payment was declined on a card. Now on none of my devics does spotify work .It says" Premium paused" . I cant even downgrade to listen to anything. 

When I updated payment it said your subscription will renew on 16/2 . Does this mean I dont have music until then ? This is very frustrating and i need a solution as I use this for work . Thank you kindly

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Re: premium not working after payment updated


Hey @lisa41!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Let's try following these steps to make sure you don't have a different Spotify account that you could've upgraded by mistake.


If you only have one Spotify account, but you can't use the Premium benefits, try checking your bank statement to see if you have a recent payment. In case you don't, the payment details weren't updated sucessfully. We suggest cancelling the current subscription and setting it back up from scratch with your new card. That should do the trick.


Keep us posted.

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