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premium troubles

premium troubles

So for Christmas I got a $10 Spotfiy gift card that said I could choose what service I wanted. I was hoping that I could get the 3 months of Premium for $1 and I chose the "choose another payment option" so that I could use the money on the gift card to pay. But when I entered the gift card code, I automatically got 1 month of spotify premium for all the $10 on the card and now I can't get the 3 months for a dollar or even a student discount. 

Is there any way I can refund the money on the gift card so that i can save that for later, then be able to get the 3 months premium by paying through another method like a credit card instead??

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I had a similar problem. I was looking for 1€/month for 3 months and then I see in 9,99€ its been paid by my VISA. Is that a joke?

Im having a similar issue.. However, i'd say mine makes even less sense. Im a student & I got $30 for Spotify & I planned on using the student discount for the gift card, so i'd get 6 months, but I automatically got 3 months. I emailed Spotify previously because it was saying I wasnt eligible for the $0.99 for 3 months but it said NOWHERE in the ads that it was exclusive to only certain members. I had to go to a completely different website/forum to find out that it was only an offer for newer Spotify members. When I emailed Spotify, I got a generic email back & no help. Ive been pretty loyal for a few years now & im pretty disgusted. 

Hello And welcome to The community 🙂
Please make a New request here:

But this time please answer to The automated e-Mail you'll recieve Even if it says noreply. A Spotify employee should help you then. Im really sorry that you are having issues with spotify And thanks in advance for your Patience.

Merry xmas And good luck 🙂

Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

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What is a Spotify Rock Star and how do i become one?

Im not a Spotify Employee.

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