"0 Facebook Friends on Spotify"

"0 Facebook Friends on Spotify"

Hi, I have just signed up for the Premium Trial on Spotify and I'm logged in through my Facebook Account on my Desktop. However, on the right side of the screen when I click on "Find Friends" to see what my facebook friends are playing, it shows that I have "0 Facebook Friends on Spotify".Facebook, Spotify, 0 Friends


However, I know for a fact that I have many friends on facebook who are using Spotify Premium with their Facebook Account. Is this a bug or something? How do I solve this?

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I have this same problem! I'm not glad that you're experiencing this difficulty too, but I am glad I'm not alone. I'd love to know how to fix it. 

I think it has to do with Spotify not asking to access your list of friends on Facebook.


I checked the app permissions on Facebook, and they only have access to my public profile (which doesn't include Facebook friends).

I removed the app from Facebook and logged in again (to see if the app asks for list of friends and I removed it), but it just doesn't ask for this permissions.


So I guess that's the problem.

Mine is the same, it doesn't ask me for any permission to view my friends list either.

I had the same "0 Facebook friends" problem on the Windows 7 desktop app. I tried several combinations of uninstalling/reinstalling it and also disconnecting on Facebook, but nothing made a difference. Finally, I looked at the Spotify app on my phone (Android) and was surprised to find my full Facebook friend list was available. I only added one friend through the phone app, but somehow that seemed to "reconnect" Spotify to Facebook everywhere. Now my list of friends is available on the desktop app (and my birthday is correct now, too). With any luck, this will work for at least some people having this problem.


Note: I'm not sure whether this is significant, but in my case I first signed up for free using my Facebook login, then later tried a premium trial using an email account. After I canceled premium, I connected again using Facebook as a free user, which seems to have combined the FB and email logins (playlists, library, etc.).

Do you have FB app on your phone? It still says "0 FB on spotify" on my phone, but I don't have FB app.

Interesting -- yes, I do have the Facebook app on my phone. I have no idea whether that would make a difference, but it's worth trying. If you try it, let me know if it works!

It worked! I had 0 friends on my PC, but when I signed in on my Android device using FB account it asked for my Friends list, Birth date and name. Then I tried to find friends again on PC and I found all my friends. Try this one on your phones!

Sorry for my English, but I hope you understood me. 🙂

Thank you to the solutions here I was able to restore my friends list.

Logging in through the mobile app (android) was the solution. Upon returning to desktop, I had 90+ friends on spotify.

I didn't have premium and I wonder what went wrong but whenever I clicked "Find Friends" it didn't show any of my friends. 



When I removed the app from Facebook and reconnected it on my Desktop app it didn't asked for "Friends list" permission.


Followed the solution here and it worked. 


I logged out from my phone instead and removed the app from Facebook apps again. I reconnected through my phone and it finally showed the "Friends list" permission.



Thank you. 

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