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"Epic" Collection Limit

"Epic" Collection Limit

Hi Spotify.  I have read a number of rather impolite posts on the subject of the 10,000 song limit, though I concede it really is frustrating to build a collection and then be told that you have to stop for no apparent reason.  I have also read a number of extremely polite but profoundly unhelpful responses from moderators.


Can you please explain why there is a limit?  It seems quite arbitrary and significantly out of touch with industry standards.  I don't see any commercial or technical reason for it or else I'd ask you to put a price on it (not an arbitrary one).  Please speak up and explain yourselves if you can. 



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I don't know why it was made like that. But I bet there's a way to go over 10,000 songs.

Maybe creating a playlist and adding the other songs to it doesn't count against the limit. I haven't tried anyway.

If anyone tried doing or been able to do so, it will be nice to know how was it.

Peace man.

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