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"Please install Spotify using a normal account instead of an admininstrator account" - What?


"Please install Spotify using a normal account instead of an admininstrator account" - What?

I just bought Spotify and tried to run the Installer on Windows 7 but it won't install -- I get the message in the Subject header.


What do I need to do?

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Thanks! it worked

Bravo! This is a professional response. Thank you! In case you find a permanet solution this could be better!

If anyone is still having trouble with this... On windows 8, I right clicked the file after downloading and chose properties.  I then clicked 'unblock' and 'apply'.  That allowed me to install spotify without getting the error that a non-administrator account is required.

Thanks a lot ! It works 😄

I have windows 8.1 and installed spotify by running the compatability troubleshooter. It suggested windows 8 and when I ran it it worked!

thank you so much!

I'm glad I helped so much people here!


Happy Spotifying!

Compatibilidade de sistema, mude para win 7, ou win 8, no windows 10 não funcionou tive que alterar a configuração para compatibilidade.

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just right click on the installer, and click properties. Then click "compatibility" and check the box that says "run in compatibility mode" and make sure the dropdown is selecting windows 7. Click OK, then run. Voila.

Thanks for the tip but I also found that if I open the file from my downloads folder in file explorer it installs ok. It only causes problems if I try to install from the downloads icon in the browser. No idea why this is so.

what is the program icon

REally works!!! (Y)


hi guys!

so heres what solved my problem:

1. right click on the set up file

2. choose "resolve compatibility issues/problems" (idk what your computer says, mine is hungarian)

3. choose "set recommended settings" (or something like that)

4. then you see a new window with "applied setting" (or something like that) and a "starting the program" button

5. click the button

6. tadaaam

thats the only way it worked for me

hope i could help x

ould never have worked this out!!

I tried all these ways listed up here but nothing worked.. What worked for me was to not install withe the Spotify-Installer but to save the programm in a folder on my PC (it was named "FullSpotifySetup32") and when I double clicked on this, Spotify finally opened and worked again.

The older installation worked, but it won't update? is there a way to make it update?

Unfortunately, nothing from this thread helped.

I've tried everything.


How to solve the problem?


Windows 7 x64


None of the above worked for me.

Am using a networked drive at work.

Can't change compatibility mode (as on a shared drive).

If I copy installer to my HD, I am forced to do this as Admin - I can then change the compatibility settings but then get an error saying I can't install as Admin!!!!


Any ideas??? I can installer all other applications easily, not sure why Spotify is not working

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