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"Please install Spotify using a normal account instead of an admininstrator account" - What?


"Please install Spotify using a normal account instead of an admininstrator account" - What?

I just bought Spotify and tried to run the Installer on Windows 7 but it won't install -- I get the message in the Subject header.


What do I need to do?

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Couldn't find Spotify on Portable apps...

This is what I did and it worked for me.

1) Start Windows in Safe mode with Network

 Here's how :

2) Locate the downloaded file and install.

4) Once completed, Spotify will open as it should.

5) Restart back in Normal mode and you should be good to go.

Safe mode is not an option (laptop is encrypted).

Please Spotify, can someone help me?


Seems crazy that I can install anything apart from Spotify on my laptop. Why is it not possible to install using Admin rights????

The unique solution that works for me was: right click file > "solve compatibility problems" (i'm using Windows 10 in portuguese-br) ... so, windows start the download/install and vòila!

this didn't helped at all, how the **** can i make it work?!?!!?

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you need activate all admissions:

1-Propriaties of installer



4- click 2 times in your administrator user

5-and click in total control 

6-and click in OK

7-now close all windows and run the instaler

8-now it is work

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1. Download the full installer (

2. Run installer

3.Open File explorer and Navigate to C:\users\(Yourusername)\Appdata\Roaming\Spotify

4. Installer will give you an error, but all the required files to run will appear in this folder. DO NOT CLOSE OUT OF THE INSTALLER JUST YET.

5. Copy all content in this folder and navigate to either C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)

6. Create a folder called "Spotify" and copy everything into that folder. You can now close the installer.

7. Create a shortcut to the EXE called "Spotify.exe" and put it on your desktop, You should have access to spotify.


I tried literally every single thing in this thread (and many others) multiple times over the last couple months and this is what finally worked.  Thank you for posting!
Fingers crossed that it continues to work!

folks, if all the compatibility stuff doesn't work for you, this is the solution!  

Glad I could help 🙂

This worked for me as well. Double clicking the setup file or running it from the browsers download manager (chrome) gave me the said error. Locating the file in the download folder, right click and choosing run as administrator gave me the same error as well.


Right click and choose Open worked. 

This was fixed when I upgrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Now after a recent Spotify update, the same issue is happening.


I have tried the following:

* Downloaded full installer and double clicking - Error code 13 - necessary files could not be created

* Tried running as administrator (says a normal account is needed, not admin)

* Changed compatibility settings to XP (says a normal account is needed, not admin)

* Tried right clicking and choosing 'open' - Error code 13 again

* Running installer and checking Appdata Roaming - only empty Spotfiy folder is created - there are no installation files inside.


This is so bizarre, no other application fail to install.

My machine is encrypted and on a business network, so cannot install using safe mode.

PM me and I'll try to help you out

Thankyou this worked for me after trying SO many other things!

I had to move the file to my D drive.

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