"We Added" problem

"We Added" problem







Galaxy S20

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Ok so I haven't been on spotify for a while now and I went back on and when I played a Playlist at the bottom it says, "we added". I don't know if this is a free thing only but it gets on my nerves because I want to listen to my own songs. I don't want to come off rude but is there a way to turn it off. If not please help. And I did try the enhance thing and I didn't have a button for that.


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Hey @Forfiet_me,

Thanks for the post.


It would be helpful if you send us a screenshot of how this looks on your end, so that we can check out what's going on.


Note that if your playlists have less than 15 songs in them, Spotify will automatically add similar songs until the song count reaches that number.


Keep us posted on this. We'll do our best to clarify what's going on 🙂

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