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so i think i messed up

so i think i messed up

so, here's what happened.


originally, my Spotify WAS linked to my Facebook. earlier today, i didn't know that.


so i didn't want to be on Facebook anymore. i deactivated my Facebook account. suddenly, my Spotify stopped working. so i reactivated my Facebook, went to Spotify settings and clicked "disconnect from Facebook." then i figured i could keep using it.


then i deactivated Facebook again, but then Spotify stopped working again. i tried to log in to Spotify without reactivating Facebook, but it wouldn't let me through. so then i sent a password reset to Spotify, and i still haven't gotten an email, hours later. it was definitely the right email address, as all of them are filtered to one account.


i know my original login, but it doesn't do me any good. i don't want to lose this Spotify account.


can anyone help me out? i tweeted @SpotifyCares, but they haven't gotten around to me yet.

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Hey @bds9992.


Thanks for coming to the community for help.


Are you still experiencing the same issue or were you able to get in touch with our Account's team? 


You can also get a hold of them using our Contact Form to get email support.

We'll be waiting for your reply. 

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