songs playing out of the blue changing pw does not fix

songs playing out of the blue changing pw does not fix








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I have recently had numerous compromised accounts and it was only natural that my spotify account to be next. I have no idea how my information was leaked BUT ONE OF THESE COMPANIES has leaked my password causing a cascade of mayhem on all my accounts.

I play my spotify account all the time at work for 4-6 hours at a time (I work in the operating room, we hate working in silence). I have never noticed an issue until yesterday. My songs will be playing and RANDOMLY that song will stop playing and some other random song (not even my style of music plays). The first time it happened, no music information showed. I assumed that it was some how coming from an opened safari window and playing through my car bluetooth. However, it kept happening throughout the day. I noticed they settled on the same song now. "Shrooms" by Aybe. 

After googling the issue and seeing similar problems on this community forum, I was prompted to change my password based on the advice of this forum. I thought the probelm was was NOT. To my dismay, I laid down last night with my head phones in to make sure it was going to play normal and it SKIPPED MY SONG AGAIN and played this ridiculous song I have now grown to hate with a passion. I then went through my entire account-unlinked my facebook account, changed my facebook password, saw some random activity there, logged out of everywhere there. Went back to spotifiy to discover that certain apps use spotify and revoked access to all of them except one. One of the apps I didn't recognize. I'm thinking may have been the issue. I will not know until I listen to spotify for at least an hour to ensure nothing stupid happens.

Has anyone else had this issue? As spotify has not suggested doing anything further then changing the password. I have seen other users with the same complaint. They have changed their password and their account appears to still be compromised. Despite going back and forth with spotify, these customers end up cancelling their account. I need answers as to WHY and I want to be assured about this issue. 

TIA Spotify community!


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Hi @Cris47!


Thanks for reaching out to the community with this, I'll do my best to assist! 

That seems highly unusual. You seem to have carried out a number of troubleshooting methods that have not worked. What I'd advise doing at this stage is to firstly get in contact with the SpotifyCares team on either Twitter or Facebook. If you are not a user of social media, or have done this already, you could try getting in contact with Spotify via this page

In the meantime, other folks in the community may chip in with other solutions.


Hope this helps!








I've got the exact same issue,and the exact same song playing out of nowhere!!


Hi there!

I'm sorry to hear you think someone else may have gained access to your Spotify account. I'd recommend checking out this Support article for the next steps to take. As @A_Musicophile suggested, there you will be able to learn how to reach out to Spotify 🙂


Let me know how things go!

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