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spotify app says i need premium when i allready got it

spotify app says i need premium when i allready got it

I have never been able to login on my phone but on my laptop it works just fine. Ive tried to uninstall and reinstalling the app multiple times.
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When you are signing in on your laptop, are you signing in using a spotify username and password or are you using a facebook account? Also what brand of phone do you have?



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Im using spitify username and pass. Samsung Galaxy S2.

Hi ergohugo,


The problem is that you currently have a subscription to Spotify Unlimited, as opposed to Spotify Premium.


You will need to upgrade to Premium for full mobile access. You can do that on your Subscription page. When you do, no extra payment is taken at first. Instead, the remaining time on your subscription is halved, bringing your renewal date forward. The Premium payments aren't taken until then.

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