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spotify + hulu student

spotify + hulu student

i started a spotify +hulu  student account through facebook, although i never use facebook because ive felt sketchy about it for years , i now want to remove it  (the facebook link to both apps. ), but it wont give me any other log in option, when i try to edit my account info it sends me back to facebook, any help?

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Hey @jonathan1989, welcome to the Community!


Since your Spotify account was made through Facebook, you need it to log in. If you're absolutely sure that you don't want your account to be set up through Facebook, reach out to our team via Twitter or Facebook.


You'll need to set up a new account and resubscribe from scratch. Our support team will make the transitition easier by helping you transfer all of your tunes and closing your current account once your new one is set up.


Hope that helps!

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