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spotify sucks

spotify sucks

This is the worst site I have ever used before...I'm sorry...purchased. You cannot talk to a **bleep**ing human being...all that happens is that it keeps directing you to more bull**bleep** answers that I am not looking for. How the **bleep** do I CANCEL this piece of **bleep** subscription?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

I will stick with Pandora...and not this bull**bleep**!!! SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!

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If you need help, just ask here in the community and one of the experienced users will be delighted to help you. However, if you just want to cancel, then I suggest you submit an online contact form and someone at Spotify will take care of things. If you get an automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply) and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.

Yeah... No! Look seriously! I've read posts and they're pretty responsive. Now i accept i know very little about pandora(except for the one in avatar :P). But spotify is pretty much a dream come true for me man! I mean stream what you wanna hear wherever you wanna hear without downloading anything and paying outrageous prices? Its awesome! Most of the service is pretty much free and does amazingly good to people who cant afford to go an buy every album that comes out. The sound quality is great even for the free users. And with premium you can carry it on your phone! The concept is amazing! The UI is amazing. The collection is awesome! I dunno about you man. But I'm pretty much hooked! 😛

kevin2354 - Hey there, is there anything in particular you're having trouble with? We'd all love to help out.

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Who's your Spotify Star?

See? Told ya! Very responsive!


P.S.: Sam, thanks for saving my a**! 😛

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