student discount / country change


student discount / country change


Hello!! I've recently moved countries and universities, going from the Netherlands to the UK. However, I made the mistake of renewing my student subscription before I changed my country and payment method. Now, when I try to change the country and payment method, it sends me first to a family subscription, then I try to change to a student subscription, then it sends me to the page saying that I already verified my student status, and then it sends me right back to spotify. I'm going in circles. Is there any way I can fix this?? 

Thanks so much!  

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Hi @rinnn,


Not sure if it's really necessary to change your country. The county you choose should match the country for your payment method. So if you have a dutch credit card your county should be set to the Netherlands.


With spotify premium you can listen from everywhere, so you can listen in the uk, even if your country is set to the netherlands.


With a student account you do have premium, you just get a discount.


Succes met je studie 😀.