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student discount for college kid

student discount for college kid

how do i switch my account from premium to college student discount premium at 50% off.

9 Replies

Just google "Spotify student discount" and click the link that says that. It should open a page from with the "$4.99 Student Discount" ad. Click "Get Premium" and fill out the necessary billing and college information. Your Premium account will be switched over effortlessly.

i was about to do that but i felt like i was signing up for a new account. its not clear that im switching supscriptions. 

I agree! It isn't very clear but, nonetheless, your account will automatically be switched over!

they should make it clear and i am prepared to offer any proof they need. do i need anything from mizu?

I'm not sure what you mean by "mizu"?

university of missouri. do i need any proof?

I go to Michigan State University and when I signed up for the student account all it asked for was my university email address. 

ok. thanks.

No problem! Glad to help! 

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