three "cuts" under one

three "cuts" under one

When I search the band "Cuts" I found one artist with some albums as usual. But when I research about albums, I found three different artist..


For example the album "rrradarrr"  is belong to a band named "c.u.t.s." Their web page is


Under the same name there is another artist and here the webpage, This "cuts" has EP1 and Bunsen Burner (famous soundtrack of Ex-Machine and POI)


And the third   a project of Nadav Katz, he has a album "Hold the Sun"


So, under the one artist, really exist three different artist... Curious???



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Hey @ersoyb,


Sorry to see you've been missed!


I'd suggest you take a look at this thread "Incorrect Track info",

This will show you how to report and get this logged with Spotify for investigation 😄


Thanks for bearing with us!


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