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two accounts with the same email address

two accounts with the same email address

Hi there,


I was reading that people had similar problems, but it didn't seem to be exactly what I have


Here is what happened: When Spotify came out it was only possible to sign-up with your facebook account, so that was what I did. My email address I used for facebook back then was my old email address (let's say "").

So when it was possible to register to Spotify with a new account (without using facebook) I did that (because I was prefering that from the start anyway) and started using Premium with that account.

I registered this new account with my new and actual email address (""), as I don't want to use my old one anymore. I completely stopped using my old Spotify account (the one that was hooked with facebook).


Now that I want to get rid of my old email address I changed the address at facebook as well to "", but AFTER I registered my new account here at Spotify. So now when logging in with my new Spotify Premium account I cannot change any settings, as it's telling me my email address is already in use for a another acccount (with the one, that is hooked to facebook). Also at times I get mail from Spotify to me "" email address now, but this mail is intened for the old Spotify-facebook-account. It's all kind of mixed up now, even sometimes when logging in.


I would love to just get rid of my old Spotify account, the one that IS connected to facebook – I'm not using it and I really don't want these accounts to be hooked anyway. How can I do that, or what other solutions are there?


Thanks in advance!!

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Same issue, please help!!!

Hey guys 🙂 


The Spotify staff will be able to remove these extra accounts for you. 

Just follow the instructions in this post making sure you clearly specify which account you want to be removed (we wouldn't want any accident!). Unfortunately this can't be done on the community as you may need to verify you are the owner of the account before it can be removed. 



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Desr Spotify I have two accounts hooked up to my face book account ... one is on a premium trial till nov 15 2017 and the other one was deducted today from my bank account Facebook is mikey Balice I would like the one with no picture on the profile deleted please help you can e mail me back at ... I neeed help



I have a similar problem. I had a free account I made for the app, using my email. I tried to make the family plan through the app, but I could not. So I logged into the site and made another registration using the same email address and same password as the free account. I filled out all the fields, including the credit card and at the end I sent the invitation to my sisters. I saw that a new user name was generated with letters and random numbers. But when trying to enter the account using the username and password I can not. Just log into my account free. How can I solve this problem ??

Thank you!

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