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two month received in two days

two month received in two days

I purchased spotify this Tuesday, and today Im look surprisly that two month  has been received to me in two days!


I want 9,99 back.


I only pay a month . Thanks . Excuse my English. I´m from Spain.

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It's not only a spanish problem, I have the same here in Germany.
This evening I pay for my first on-month-subscription by paypal an 2 hours later I get the information, that I can use Spotfiy for the next 46 hours. Great !!!  There are always a lot of possibilities to make money in the internet... ;-(

I would imagine that this was a simple billing error and not intentional.  The best way to resolve this situation is to contact Spotify directly about the issue.  They should be able to look up your account, and take whatever action is necessary to resolve the issue.  You can find the contact form by clicking the "Contact" link in the "About Us" section at the bottom of the page.  Once you get to the contact page, click the link labeled "Contact Form" and fill it out giving as much detail as possible.  The more information you give them to help locate your account, the faster the issue can be resolved.  Good luck getting your billing issues sorted!

Juan - i've taken a look at this for you. It seems as if you cancelled, and then resubscribed. The payments for this have figured this out and your next payment would be made on 2012-06-16.

However, if you only wanted the one month, you'll need to contact one of our advisors directly. You can reach them by scrolling up, clicking on "About Us" and then "Contact Form".

rolflammert - I've just taken a look at your account - Do you have two Facebook accounts at all?
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