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upgraded to premium days ago-

upgraded to premium days ago-

And it still says im.offline.

Deleted and re installed a dozen times. Logged in and out, nothing works.

My account says I have an active premium account.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Have device/platform are you using?



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Is anyone else having this problem? Are the mobile devices just not included until you confirm your subscription?

Hi AndyMuller86 - I've just moved your post to this similar thread. 


You should be able to use all the benefits of Premium on the trial version. Please try signing out and signing back in with your 'andymuller86' username. 

Getting this issue - account status shows 'premium' - why the adds? 


Wasn't doing it yesterday.... yet just started today.. eh?

Hi mrh3113 - I can confirm you've also got a Premium subscription. 


Have you tried signing out and signing back in with your 'mrh3113' username? Which device are you using?

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