votre compte est utilisé ailleurs

votre compte est utilisé ailleurs




Depuis hier, sur mon Android (V6.x), ma musique se met régulièrement en pause et le message "votre compte est utilisé ailleurs" apparait.


Mon compte n'est normalement pas utilisé ailleurs. J'ai un 2e téléphone mais il était désactivé lorsque le bug se produit.

J'ai :

- réinitié le MDP Facebook où le compte est connecté... Même Pb 2 mn plus tard

- J'ai vidé les fichiers / supprimé l'application, nettoyé avec SD Maid, réinstallé Spotify... Même problème 2 mn plus tard.


Je ne sais pas quoi faire.. une idée ?


Merci !

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Hey @equedvil


Thanks for getting in touch with the Spotify Community. Hope you don't mind if we reply in English. 


If you'd like to get get support in French, you can contact Spotify Support via email


If not, we can continue helping here. Can you try logging out from all the devices on your account? Follow these steps:


  1. Go to your account page on our website.
  3. Reset the password on your account. 

Let us know if that helps or, if you have any other questions. We'll be here for you 🙂




Dear Sophia,


The same thing is happening to me. All has been done from your suggestions and the same f***ing message comes back over and over. It's driving me nut and i'm about to cancel my subscription. 

BTW, is there any official customer service from Spotify I could get in touch with?

Thanks for your help



Hello, since a few days, I have the same message every 1 or 2 minutes when nobody else is using my account. How can I get rid of this very annoying issue which might make me leav Spotify. Thx for your answer


Same thing since few days, it keeps on telling me that my account is used elsewhere, and that s not true

I changed my password but still the same problem, i will cancel my spotify premium if i do not find urgently a solution


I'm getting very frustrated with that stupid message that keeps coming back evey 5 seconds. nobody is using my account and I have done everything they suggest without any luck.

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