what's the effect for my family for removing spotify (facebook)


what's the effect for my family for removing spotify (facebook)


Hi all!


I want to remove FaceBook(FB) from my Spotify account, but it can't be done by disconnecting my FB because my account is created with FB.

So I need to cancel my subscription and re-create my account, but what effect does this have for my family members? Can I ask them to rejoin my new account without any losses on their account? So will they keep their playlists and can I ask to join with the same e-mail adresses? Or do they also need to create a second account in order to join my new account?


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this is a nightmare, i want off of facebook now and i may have to cancel spotify all together is a fix doesnt come soon...


Hey @Nica,


Thanks for reaching out. 


If you created your Spotify account through Facebook, you'll need to keep your Facebook profile active to keep the account running. If you'd like to use Spotify without Facebook, we'd recommend checking out these steps


Creating a new account won't have an affect on your family member account info. They'll still have their playlists, and saved music, but their Premium time will end at the same time as yours does. 


Once you've created a new account, you can subscribe again to the Family plan at spotify.com/family. Once you have the subscription on your new account, you can re-invite your family members to it. 


Heads up - it's only possible to join two Family plans within 12 months of each other. If any of your family members have joined more than 1 Family plan in the last 12 months, they won't be able to join your plan. 


We hope this helps! Let us know how you get on.