wont let me log in

wont let me log in

I have been paying for Spotify for over a year now I used to use it everyday until I switched to a new phone then it stopped letting me log in, after entering the password it literally logs me in for a second and a half then takes me back to the login screen, I thought it was a wrong password at first (I have 5 that I use regularly) but then upon using another password it displayed a message saying the password was incorrect, with being logged in on one device for so long previously I've completely forgotten the email address and without it I can't reset the password (i dont know what good that would do anyway as i know im entering the correct one) this is very irritating as it's been months since this first occurred and ive struggled to find any solution, the free version is very limited and I don't want to use it when I'm still paying for the service but are unable to use it. please contact and help :') (this is regarding another account to the one I'm currently using)

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Hi @richardcampbell! Help's arrived!


Would you be able to try doing a clean reinstall of Spotify? It'll really help find out what's happening here! Find out how to do one over here: 🙂




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