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28 April 2016 update made client redownload offline songs

28 April 2016 update made client redownload offline songs

More of a heads up and a gripe than a support issue, but this was incredibly annoying to wake up to.


Last night, Spotify updated itself.  This morning when I fired it up before hopping in the car for my commute, I was greeted with a progress bar: "0 out of 1016 songs downloaded"


I have no idea what in the recent changelist would invalidate the download cache, but this is not a thing I would expect to happen with a Spotify update.


It's frustrating to me because the app in general has performance issues, and these issues are exacerbated when the app is downloading songs.  As such, I didn't use Spotify this morning (streaming to my 3G phone has lots of problems, which is why I keep playlists offline!), and I'm considering turning updates off if this sort of thing is going to keep happening.

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I have been Premium for about 18 months.

From 9 months ago, updates ALWAYS bring bugs.  

Including, often, wiping your offline music.

In the past 9 months, I have had to redownload major protions of my offline music (e.g. an update wiped all my playlists (only), or all the albums (only)) 5 times.


Simply, the Spotify app is probably the most ****ing awful amateur bugfest of all of the apps that I use across Android and IOS.


I have not updated the app since 2 months, simply because I have a version that runs relatively weel, and I really don't want to do anymore updates that bring more bugs and wiped out music (and sometimes these bugs are returns of bugs that were supposedly fixed in a recent prior update, for example the stops-playing-after-one-track bug).



Ah, after some poking I discovered that I had been running 4.9 and what I thought was an update was actually rejected on my phone (not enough space to install).  So this was not due to the update, but instead was just my offline cache disappearing for some reason.

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