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A way to Mass follow all artist you've liked

A way to Mass follow all artist you've liked

So since as the lastest update my artist tab has been ruined. I need a work around to get it back to what is was before.
As far as i can tell my libary has been divided in two, those I have followed displayed up top and those i have not dispayed in a recommened list below, the closest way back is to 'follow' all the artists that i have 'liked/saved' few songs of over the years.


Thing is my 'Liked Songs' (dont get me started with this thing) playlist has over 4000 songs in it, most of those are small groups of 3-7 songs long. That means i have to follow at least 500 seperate artists. 


android is too slow to indiviually click as each take about 2 seconds to load (old bad phone) . Pc platform has a habit of jumping wildly around and loading in an specific artists and the Ipad app is too laggy to keep up with my finger input as i spam the follow button. 


Your not going to take it back/rollback the app, you want us to follow all the artist in our library this was a terrible way of forcing that, show some consideration to people who have been using your service for years and make it easy for us to adapt.

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Honestly right now the easiest solution is to export the entire account to another service with a thrid party tool. I'm lazy, I dont want to bother and I really like the song radio algorithm but right now using the app in this state undones all the time i have invested and that iritates me enough to look for solutions.

When I go to the artist tab on the PC desktop version and click an artist, it does only show me the songs I've liked. I don't know if this is also a change, but this would at least duplicate the way the tab worked for me, so I'd live with it.


You're right about the "Favourite Songs" tab being awful though. One big ugly list, hundreds of not thousands of songs long. When you sort it by artists it then also sorts them by alphabetical album order. I've previously liked albums in certain orders intentionally just to make the artist list a more preferable playlist. That's gone now, as is the convenience of scrolling through them all in a great format that worked and made it easy to find what you want.


It really is a case of trying to fix what isn't broken, trying to force engagement we don't want and making me just make a Youtube playlist instead.

Can we simply get a way to mass Follow all of the artists in a playlist? Also, a UI for selecting/deselecting Followed artists. And/or a default setting to auto-Follow any artist in your Library. Something please, as it's hurting the artists and users. Thx.

I 4 the 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th this motion to have a mass follow option for playlist.




in Office Space Voice .... Thad Be Great! 🤣😂😉

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