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Accessibility - High Contrast Font

Accessibility - High Contrast Font

Plan - Premium

Country - USA

Device - Samsung Galaxy S8+

Operating System - Android 9




Hearts on liked songs are nearly impossible to differentiate when High Contrast fonts are enabled for accessibility.


Without high contrast fonts enabled the heart fills in green.

When high contrast fonts are enabled the heart fills in with black.


When the heart is not enabled it's transparent, but since the background is a very dark shade of grade it is very hard to differentiate if the heart is filled in or not -- this is the exact opposite of accessibility & high contrast.



When high contrast fonts are enabled for accessibility it would be fine to fill the heart in green since that is a high contrast, rather than black on a dark background.

3 Replies

Here's an example showing how hard it is to differentiate the two.


Example: black filled heart.




Example: transparent heart.



I have been looking everywhere on why the heart is black on my phone.

I am probably just going to turn off high contrast on my phone because of this issue even though it helps my dyslexia 😞


I'm lucky enough that this is possible for me, but for some people, they aren't able to turn it off.

Do better Spotify!

Oma, yes! I thank you on behalf of my eyes. They no longer hurt when I'm using Spotify. 😍

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