Ads in Front of Player Controls on Home Screen


Ads in Front of Player Controls on Home Screen


I am experiencing a problem while attempting to exit the play screen on Podcasts. When I click the drop-down button on the top left, an ad pops up within the app. I click dismiss but it goes back to the same individual episode screen. If I click the back button on my phone, the screen goes back to the individual episode screen with the player controls on the bottom.  If I clock the top right options button, and click see episode, it goes back to the ad screen. In the background of the app, I can see it is responsive to the Home, Search and Browse buttons but the ad remains in the forefront of my screen. Ultimately I am only able to view two screens, the individual episode player, and the ad. If I exit the app or force close it, I can see all the screens again like normal. I only seem to encounter the problem after listening to a podcast for a while and the ad pops up. I don't mind the ads but I cannot even dismiss them and continue using the app.




Country: USA



  • Samsung Prime J7

Operating System

Android Oreo, 8.1.0


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Re: Ads in Front of Player Controls on Home Screen

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Hey @lavender322! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't look cool.

Have you tried reinstalling your app to see if that fixes this issue? If not here's a step by step tutorial.


Let me know how it goes!