Advanced search in playlists


Advanced search in playlists


Why are the advanced search terms available in the normal search function not available in your personal playlists? I'm not sure about the desktop or web-application but it doesn't work on Android.


I'm referring to these advanced search terms.


I don't want to create new playlists for certain combinations of artists. If I have a large playlist with all of my favourite music under the rock category. Now let's say i'd like to play both Radiohead and Coldplay, I must create a new playlist instead of just searching "Coldplay OR Radiohead", maybe I want to listen to both Eddie Vedder's solo work and Pearl Jam, I would need to create seperate playlist for all these simple requests.


It doesn't seem like a lot of trouble to implement this since the functionality already exists in the normal search option.

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Re: Advanced search in playlists


The inconsistency here is a tad disappointing. You'd think that parameters entered into the normal search field would also apply to the playlist filter field, but apparently not. Would love to see this happen.