Advertising starts too soon

Advertising starts too soon



Country USA



 Samsung Galaxy 9+

Operating System

 Android Oreo


My Question or Issue:


I'm  not sure if this is an Android specific issue however, I have an android  so I'm  just categorizing it here. 


So, I'll  get the regular "listen to these ads for 30 minutes  of free music" which  I'm  fine with, but sometimes after two songs I'll  get a bunch of advertisements again. And I do believe that's  only approximately 8 minutes of ad free music.


Not to mention that if I change  the playlist  that I'm  listening to it will more often than not play ads when I'm  still within the 30 minute window of the last "ad free listening promising advertisement "


Is there a aay to fix this issue? It's  becoming rather annoying at this point. 




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