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After 1 or 2 of liked songs playing it goes to playing suggested songs. Why

After 1 or 2 of liked songs playing it goes to playing suggested songs. Why

How do I fix it to stay on my liked songs
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This is getting obscene. I listen to all the ads and accept that I have no skips and can't change tracks. I have auto play turned off on all my devices and my playlists are 40 plus songs a piece. I get through a song or two on my playlist and 5 suggested songs will play in a row. They're never even similar or in the same genre. All spotifys help responses simply go around and around with answers that imply it shouldn't be happening. My queue shows nothing suggested and yet right off were listening to things we don't want to hear. There's no way to restart a playlist either. When I go back to it after a week it picks up on the same suggested song that SHOULD NOT BE THERE. Way to compete with Amazon's crappy offerings. Spotify was much better than this

Hi folks,


Thank you for reaching out about this in the Community! 


The following could be causing this issue for you:

  • You have previously loaded items in your queue. It's a good idea to click the Queue button and then Clear queue.
  • On your mobile, make sure the Enhance button is switched off. If this option is turned on, it will insert similar songs to your playlists.
  • Switch Shuffle off (Gray), and try playing some music again.

Let us know if that helped.

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