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Album, Artist, Radio, Greyed Out

Album, Artist, Radio, Greyed Out







Samsung Galaxy 8

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Latest android available


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This happens at least 3x per week. Album, Artist, and Radio options are grayed out. Have to restart the phone and the options are available again.


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Hey @blindmouses,


That's not cool! I'd recommend trying a reinstall first to see if it helps. You can check out the steps here. Just as a heads up, you'll need to redownload your offline tracks afterwards - so it's best to try when you're around WiFi.


Let us know how it goes! 




I had the exact same problem today. Force closing the app and then reopening fixed it for now.




My app version is

Hey @AeroZ,


Not cool! When it happened to you, was it the same on all tracks?




Yes, with all tracks - in library, in playlists etc.

Hey @AeroZ and @blindmouses,


How's it going with the app? Still experiencing this after reinstalling/restarting? Just let us know if the issue persists and we'll take a closer look. Let us know the exact app version and OS version, telling us the ones you haven't provided yet.




Hi there!


Please go to THIS ongoing issue that I created, vote for it and post a comment describing your issue and also what device, OS version and Spotify version you have.


Thank you!

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