All downloaded music disappeared.


Re: All downloaded music disappeared.

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Same. I'm paying good money for this but downloading my music all over and over again is not only annoying but also really expensive.

Re: All downloaded music disappeared.


The post waa intended to check if someone else had the same problem.
And maybe for your surprise, someone else has reported the same problem. So it probably has nothing to do with my account or my phone.

The button "Support" inside the app does not take to none of the mentioned links, at least not on my language. I am not supposed to go to a forum to find a note on the very bottom of the page to get some support.
This is a forum. People may say whatever they want if they follow the rules. Learn to live with other people. It is so childish to make me loose my time reading your complaints that didn't help.

]You have lost your time reading something not useful. Now you know how I felt after reading your silly comment.

Joe, please do not answer. I don't care about your opinion.

BearfootRecords, you were so much more useful than Joe. thanks. In my language i had to navigate through 6 items before getting the "contact us option"

Re: All downloaded music disappeared.

Wow looking at the instructions

"Report your issue

If the above troubleshooting doesn’t help, please report your issue.

If you found a thread that describes your issue, please post there. If not, please create a new thread in the relevant board on the Community.

We’ll need as much information as you can provide."

Wooooow. I guess i have done the right thing after all.
Some people just want to complain.